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Knowledge base

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Basic Commands for BitchX

3.7 What are some basic commands I could use?

There are loads of 'basic' commands you could use, I am just going to
mention the most useful ones.

/about Gives you some info from panasync about the client itself
/addforward <nick>/<channel> forwards all messages received to another
                             nick or channel
/addshit <nick> <channel> add's a person to your shitlist
/ajoin <channel> auto join's a channel when BitchX starts up
/away <reason> set's you as being away, and turn's BX msg log on
/ban <nick> ban's a nick from the current channel.  Shortened way of
            doing /mode <channel> <nick> +b
/ctcp A command with alot of various parts to it. Only one command
      at a time can be done. /cdcc by itself will display this list

CHANNEL   - public timer channel. Channels can be a comma separated
            list of channels.
DESCRIBE  - change description of pack
DOFFER    - remove pack from the offer list
LIST      - list the packs you have offered
LOAD      - load packs saved to .cdcc.save or specified name
MINSPEED  - minspeed for cdcc ( #.##)
NOTICE    - notify the channel of offered packs
OFFER     - add a pack to the offer list
PLIST     - publicly list your offered packs
QUEUE     - view entries in the send queue
SAVE      - save your offerlist to .cdcc.save or specified name
SEND      - send a pack to user
RESEND    - re-send a pack to user
TSEND     - tdcc send a pack to user
TRESEND   - tdcc resend a pack to user
RESUME    - mirc resume
TIMER     - public list timer in minutes
NOTE      - add note to pack number
TYPE      - toggle between public and notice
ECHO      - toggle echo on/off
STATS     - display cdcc statistics
SECURE    - adds a password to a pack

/channel Uses the current channel as default and runs up a huge list of
         who is in the channel, basically a huge /whois without the
         channels and server that the people are on.
/chat <nick> Opens up a dcc chat window so you can chat to someone.
/ctcp <nick> <argument> Basically an information service, to find out
                        more open BitchX and type /bhelp ctcp
/dcc Another 'sortof' information service.  Go into BitchX and type
/dcc help for more
/deop <nick> Removes operator status from <nick>
/devoice <nick> Removes voiced status from <nick>
/disconnect Disconnects you from the server
/dns <hostname> gives the DNS address of the given hostname
/exit Same as disconnect only it closes BitchX too
/fset <variable> set's various format's in BitchX
/ftp <hostname> [login] [password] [-p port] An actual ftp client             
                                             itself built into BitchXnloads
                                             files via dcc
/ignore <nick> <channel> Ignores a specific nickname from a specific
/join <channel> Joins a channel, alias= /j <channel>
/k <nick> Kicks the <nick> off the channel (they can rejoin)
/kb <nick> Kickbans the <nick> off the channel (they *can't* rejoin)
           usually the ban is removed automatically after 600 secs.
/leave <channel> Leaves the specified channel, if no channel is given
                 you leave the current one. 
Alias= /l <channel>
/part <channel>
/msg <nick> <message> Send a message to the <nick>
/nick <newnick> Changes your nickname
/op <nick> Gives someone Operator Status
/quit Quits IRC, disconnects you from your server and closes BitchX
/save Saves any changes you have made to BitchX
/server <address> Changes servers
/set Set variables in BitchX
/shitlist View your shitlist
/topic <topic> Changes the topic for a channel (usually only ops can do this)
/version Shows BitchX's internal version
/whois <nick> Shows the stats for a <nick> what channel's there on etc.
ALIAS= /wi <nick>
/whowas <nick> See who was on IRC with your <nick>
/window <argument> Has many different outcomes, type /window help for


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